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Our expert knowledge embraces both external architecture and interior decoration. We masterfully deliver the following services exceeding all expectations:

  • Bespoke new builds, developments, renovations and extensions
  • Residential and Commercial

Stunning Design

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Attention to detail

Our Work

From single story units to large scale town planning we offer a comprehensive range of design solutions for your building project.


At Optimal Design Studios, we craft artistic buildings that mould your imagination into reality. We want you to step into a home you call your own, and admire every inside and out - every single day.

Modern and Sleek

We are a team of new-age building designers for the modern you. We breathe designs from the deep creative recesses of our minds, that fit perfectly with what you have in yours. We make crafting beautiful building effortless - but the best work comes with unrelenting toil and diligence - something, that you’ll always get with Optimal Design Studios.

With us, you have a group of experts at residential interior design at your disposal. We have years of experience in creating sleek structures from the ground up, carefully mapping and planning every step of the way.

Ultra Modern

To emphasize this further, we do not obsess over designs of the past. Don’t get us wrong, we find previous era architecture undeniably beautiful, and we often find inspiration from it. But we are all about creating something unique; creating something in concrete that leaves you unable to look at anything else the first time you lay your eyes on it.

We offer drafting services for every aspect of your residential building design. A splash of the old in the mix of the new, a stir of unique in a brew of varying styles, or traditional blueprints reimagined for a modern bloom - we design every delightful aspect of your home with care.

Designed for Longevity

What is a better test of a powerful building structure than the test of time? Is not good looking design just “fancy” if it’s not built to last? The finest architecture that stands today has weathered the elements for centuries without crumbling down. And we’re all about shaping strength in stone that is not only pleasing to the eye - your home or workspace will be your fortress for decades to come.

From individual single-story residences to extensive town planning services, new builds to renovations, developments to extensions, external architecture to interior decoration, warehouses to service structures - we are your all-purpose building designers in Melbourne. 

Green Living

Plants and trees add a unique aesthetic to any structure, marrying nature in its prime with nature that is primed. The living, dynamic greenery perfectly complements the sturdy, static stonework shaped from earth’s bosom. And given our recent environmental red signals, adding nature’s touch to your home now possesses a greater meaning.

We offer building design and drafting services in Melbourne that give life to interior spaces and outer areas that will simply delight gardening and nature enthusiasts. Feel at ease from within at a home that harmoniously encompasses technology alongside greenery.

Designed to Perfection

Making state-of-the-art architecture is at the heart of Optimal Designs Studios, and what drives us every day are the smiles of satisfaction that we deliver to our clients. If you’ve got an idea, a vision, a sketch, or visualization in mind, come give us a visit. We’ll discuss it, play with it, bounce off some ideas and conjure a blueprint that suits what you’re looking for.

Backed by a team with years of experience in designing and executing numerous projects to meticulous perfection, you get a full portfolio of skills with us from construction documentation services to retail design services.

Lavish Homes

Beautiful homes make beautiful lives. Your home is your haven of privacy and intimacy. Just like a stable mind makes a precious body, we believe in making lavish homes that are beautiful inside and out. Trust in our proven pedigree for planning and building, and we’ll make your dream home a reality.

Professional commercial design services for exclusively planned townships, or personal residential design services for bespoke breathtaking homes - Optimal Design Studios are veterans of creating the most sought after properties in Melbourne.

Indulge in Luxury

Class, comfort, luxury - the three words that sum up what a person wants in their ideal space. There is nothing more therapeutic than coming back home after a hard day’s work, or marvellous than hosting a grand get together with your family or peers at your very own luxuriously designed real estate. 

Come give us a visit and you’ll find a diligent, capable team designing and drafting in Cranbourne. With us, you get a wealth of experience in executing residential and commercial projects with outstanding quality. We are confident that you’ll be delighted by our professionalism and work acumen.

To know us better, please feel free to peruse the comprehensive construction services we offer, go through some of the wonderful homes we’ve built, and give us a call or visit if you like what you see.



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