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At Optimal Design Studio P/L, (O.D.S), we are a group of conscious designers who bring unique designs that work for you and maximise the potential of your property.

The talented Optimal Design Studio team have years of experience on renovations, extensions, custom homes, multi-units, apartments, and commercial projects. With our unique creative flare and dedication, we design the most sought-after properties in Melbourne!

What We Do

All our designer team members are committed in providing outstanding quality of service. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we have a high knowledge of the local codes and NCC.
We carefully guide, oversee and review all aspect of every project we deal with and aim to provide a hassle-free experience to all out clients. Our expertise in dealing with local councils and other external consultants will certainly help your plans breeze through the planning / building process.

If you are building a residential or commercial project, you can be rest assured that the planning and building process will be given a solid start with our experienced and capable design team.

Our expert knowledge embraces both external architecture and interior decoration. We masterfully deliver the following services exceeding all expectations:

Bespoke new builds, developments, renovations and extensions

Residential and Commercial




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